Looking Great: Beauty and Anti-Aging Secrets


Inner Beauty

Yes, I’m all for Inner Beauty, and of course character and experience count more than looks. But when those first wrinkles get a little deeper, and the laugh lines get a little longer, and your hair is not exactly gray, but sort of washed out looking, you realize that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to work on the Outer Beauty as well. And preserve what you can, LOL, for as long as you can!

In this section I share what I try, and test. Some things work, most things don’t. There’s a lot of marketing in this area, and very little substance. I did however find some very interesting clinical studies on natural supplements and nutraceuticals. I’ll be reporting on those as well.

I have tried several facial exercise programs, with varying degrees of success. I have taken anything from krill oil to tremella mushroom, from collagen to undenatured whey protein. I have tested dry brushing and ultrasonic massage. Tried copper-infused face masks, and anti-wrinkle pillows (yes, that’s a thing!). And a bunch of other products and devices.

Look for some posts later this year, once I have tested for a few more months!

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