The 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD): My DIY Version – Day 3

Day 3 report: My toughest day, with hunger all morning and a headache at noon. I explain what works for me to appease hunger pangs and why a “hunger headache” is a good sign (the brain signaling to the body that there is not enough fuel and to start breaking down body fat and make ketone bodies). I show what I use to test for ketones and how to interpret the results. Then I compare Prolon’s daily calorie breakdown into meals with my breakdown and decide to make a change in how I divvy up my calories (no more hoarding calories for dinnertime!).

Day 3 dinner: harvest vegetable soup

Day 4 lunch prep: savory kale smoothie gazpacho-style, with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, lemon and walnuts