Jungle Survival Journal — Pre-Trip — T minus 26 days: Am I Really Doing This?!

It started raining last night. Rained all night. Still raining this morning. It’s cold too, 62 degrees. I run to the car in order not to get wet and as I’m driving to work in the rain, I think about being in rain every day, all day long, for 2 weeks. What possessed me to sign up for that course???

Moving ahead, reluctantly…

Still, I book my flight today, and the extra night in a hotel. I’m going out a day early so I can see Kaieteur Falls, supposedly THE tourist attraction in all of Guyana. I had to push myself on that too. The extra day. What will I do by myself? Divya says the town is seedy. I read that in some Tripadvisor reviews too: Georgetown is supposedly mostly safe during the day, but definitely not at night. I talk it over with my husband and he says that it’s good to have a day to decompress and get the feel for the local culture. Of course he’s right. I compromise by picking a nice hotel (yeah, it’s a cop out, I know, but I console myself with the thought that I can always cancel later and still stay at the group hotel). My flight back is screwy: leaves the night we get back to Georgetown from the jungle, and goes through Kingston, where I’ll have to hang at the airport between midnight and 2 am. All I know about Jamaica is Bob Marley. Dreadlocks. Maaan.

And the rain goes on…

It’s raining again when I leave the office. I run errands, and again rush to get to the stores so I don’t get wet. Seriously?! I am avoiding RAIN? Just before I head out into the RAIN forest?  I should be out in the rain, walking with my pack, so I get practice walking in the rain, with wet clothes chafing etc, but I cannot bring myself to do that. Not tonight. I turn the seat heater on. It’s the middle of July.


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