Staying Sharp – Brain and Cognition


Staying Sharp

The brain is amazing. Like a supercomputer, only better. Maybe not as fast at certain types of calculations, but way more complex, running everything from minute biological operations in the body to planning manned spaceflight to Mars.

Brain power, and intelligence, gives us an edge in our daily lives, and our jobs. Think about brain processing speed: how fast you see and react to a ball rolling in front of your car, or a guy on a bike shooting out of a driveway, can make the difference between an accident and a quick manoever to avert a crisis. Remembering faces and names at a party becomes not just a memory exercise, but an important social skill. Differentiating relevant information from distractions, especially when multitasking under time pressure, is a skill that is vital for me in my corporate job. (Yes, and it’s a survival skill for moms everywhere!)

I have always been fascinated by the power of the brain, and even more fascinated with the evidence of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to forge new pathways, to circumvent trauma or disease.

In my mind, exercising the brain, improving your cognition, your processing speed, and yes, your intelligence, is at least as important as exercising your body.

Tons of studies to look at here, many nootropics (supplements that improve brain power) to test, as well as brain games to play that are clinically tested in hundreds of studies to improve brain function.

Blog posts coming soon…

…in the meantime, have some dark chocolate. Flavonols in dark (bitter) chocolate are good for the brain. And your tastebuds will thank you too. 🙂

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