Feeling Fabulous: Diet and Nutrition

DSC_1988Feeling Fabulous


Yes, I ate that.

Both plates.

The carnivore meat platter with veggies, AND the pasta. With porcini mushrooms and cream sauce. And shaved, fresh truffles. An OMG taste experience in Italy. The only saving grace was that the portion was small.

Needless to say, I wasn’t fasting at the time. Or on the ketogenic diet. Or the FMD. Technically, it might have qualified as a Mediterranean diet, since I was in Italy (okay, maybe NOT).

Sometimes you have to suspend food logic and strict adherence to a regimen and just enjoy. … And then, when you’re back home, you pick up where you left off with eating right.

Only, what is the right way to eat? Low fat, high carb? High fat, low carb? Primal? Ketogenic? Whole foods plant based? Or maybe don’t eat at all and fast instead?

With scientific studies seeming to back every opinion on the nutrition and diet spectrum, and outspoken proponents of each of the different ways of eating claiming theirs is the only way, it is not easy to figure out exactly what the right thing is. — It’s not easy, but it’s vital, since food is not just energy for our bodies, but increasingly, different foods are also identified as nutraceuticals, foods that can help prevent or cure illnesses.




Feeling Adventurous

In this section, I talk about my experiences with different ways of eating (intermittent fasting, keto, fasting mimicking diet, Mediterranean Longevity Diet, etc). And I talk about the scientific studies that back up many of the “ancient wisdom” claims of healing foods: matcha and chocolate, red wine and green tea, goji berries and einkorn. And I’ll tell you how I get my slightly less adventurous family to give these foods a try.



Fasting Mimicking Diet

In my most recent experiment, I tried the 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet. Check out my videos for background on the diet, the research behind it, the benefits you can expect, and how I adapted the science to make it a do-it-yourself version with home-cooked meals. I give daily updates on what I ate, how I prepared the food, and how I felt.




Interested in my nutrition tracker? It tracks macronutrients (total fat, saturated fat, MUFA and PUFA; total carbs, net carbs, fiber and sugar, as well as protein) and micronutrients (Vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, K, trace minerals and DHA) for 50+ plant-based foods allowed on the FMD. And, if you’re interested in the exact fresh food recipes I used for my 5-day DIY Fasting Mimicking Diet, subscribe below and you can download a PDF for the meals for the entire FMD.


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